OBS Studio 24 先不要更新,hotfix及側錄失敗災情出現

今天跳出更新視窗後,下意識更新的同時去forum看看,發現好像在hotfix後還是有災情傳出,有在使用obs studio的朋友請多小心,馬上停止更新,不然動態調整bitrate的功能真的很棒說 來源

24.0.1 Hotfix

  • Browser sources will now have their pre-24.0 audio behavior by default; to use OBS to control the browser source audio, users must now use the “Control Audio via OBS” option in the browser source properties. This change was made as a safety precaution because it changed user configurations compared with how the browser audio used to function, which confused some users.
  • Fixed an issue where certain cameras (particularly C920 cameras) would output with a lot of delay depending on the drivers installed
  • Fixed a crash on startup
  • Fixed a crash that would happen when closing the Mixer chat window

24.0 New Features

  • Added the ability to pause while recording to allow seamless on-the-fly removal of video segments. This can only be used when not sharing an encoder with the stream. [Jim]
  • Added an option to automatically adjust bitrate when congestion occurs to advanced settings, which is an alternative to dropping frames (available in advanced settings). Note that this currently only works with RTMP, and severe congestion may cause increased delay to viewers. [Jim/pkv]
  • Added the ability to select multiple sources on the preview by box selection [Dillon]
  • Added the ability to create custom browser docks in the View -> Docks menu. This allows you to open extra dockable webpages whenever OBS opens [Jim]
  • Browser sources can now have their volume adjusted via the audio mixer, or have filters applied to them. Additionally, you can now change whether the browser source outputs to speakers or to stream only via the audio monitoring settings in advanced audio properties. [Osiris/pkv/Jim]
  • Added a script to pause recording when a specific scene is active [cg2121]
  • Added a “Hotkey Focus Behavior” option to advanced settings, which allows you to set whether hotkeys are disabled depending on whether you have the main window in focus or not [jb-alvarado/Jim]
  • Added an option to general settings to allow users to confirm when clicking the “Stop Recording” button [glikely]
  • Added channels widget for restream.io service integration [SoftwareArchitector]
  • Added the “Area” shader as a downscale shader in video settings [jpark37]
  • Added an “Enable Preview” button to the main window when the preview is disabled [cg2121]
  • Added (or rather fixed) hardware acceleration support for decoding media files when using the media source where applicable [Jim]

24.0 Tweaks/Fixes

  • Updated all dependencies on Windows (such as FFmpeg, x264, CEF) to their latest versions [Jim]
  • Made a number of optimizations and performance improvements [jpark37]
  • Made a number of performance improvements to QSV [brittneysclark]
  • Changed default recording format to mkv instead of flv [WizardCM]
  • Recording now automatically stop if there is less than 50 megabytes left of disk space available [cg2121]
  • Fixed a number of issues with Linux window capture [kkartaltepe]
  • Fixed the tray icon showing up on startup even when it was turned off [Jim]
  • Fixed a bug where encoders could lock up when an encode call fails [Jim]
  • Fixed an issue where projectors would have a gray background rather than a black background [Jim]
  • Fixed a bug where secondary Twitch/Mixer browser panels would stop appearing [Jim]
  • Fixed a freeze that could happen under rare circumstances when shutting down [Jim]
  • If no tracks are selected when recording in advanced output mode, it will now default to the same track being used for streaming [cg2121]


2019年版,身為同上最高人數40人的Twitch實況盟友阿醜,一步步教你操作的playbook,不用怕過不了,只怕你不去申請 🙂

因為工作的關係,很多朋友在問Twitch過了盟友和合作夥伴款項怎麼申請,以及自己怎麼填都出現紅字的錯誤畫面,重者放棄自己拿工資的權利,輕者直接打電話給本魯刷一波 (謎之音:好像是相反吼)


step 2. 選填也要必填
step 3. 五個地址資訊強烈建議要存在記事本
step 4. 看協議
step 5. 填問卷
step 6. 確認稅務資訊
step 7. 這個步驗最重要,強烈建議記事本copy/paste,注意不要有空白,順序要統一
step 8. Tax qqqq
step 9. 再填一次是權限金的問卷
step 10. 再填一次五個地址資訊
step 11. 0% 爽
step 12. 完整了90%了,離新手村不遠了
step 13. 發工資的方式選擇
step 14. 有些朋友會卡這裡,不用怕往下滑就好
step 15. Magic











Teaching a man how to fish is better than giving him a fish.

Let’s see How the Twitch Prime sellout(base on blacksmith extension) works, and just remind that start earning money with Amazon Blacksmith, you need An Amazon Associates account. That’s help streamer join the real eco-system.

  • Sign up 註冊帳號
  • Create list 創造推薦清單
  • Earn money 發大財(大誤)

實況主可以拆分的利潤表Payment rate

  • PC products 4%, increased from 2.5%
  • Office Products (including Gaming Chairs within this category) 5%, increased from 4%
  • Luxury Beauty (for him and her) 12%, increased from 10%
  • Physical Video Games 2%, increased from 1%
  • Digital Video Games 10%, instead of 2%

又是到了半夜騙點擊的時間了電商如何和Twitch的擴充功能(Extension)整合?1. Sign up 註冊帳號2. Create list 創造推薦清單3. Earn money 詳細的拆分比請參考全文http://gaspar.info/v2/?p=2067

Posted by Gaspar Xie on Monday, July 15, 2019


Amazon Blacksmith

Associates Program Policies

[實況]Apex在Streamlab of OBS的優化建議,也是FPS遊戲實況者要注意的地方

在OBS官方推出23版時,Streamlab OBS也推出針對Apex這款遊戲實況的優化指南,優化的重點如下

閱讀全文 [實況]Apex在Streamlab of OBS的優化建議,也是FPS遊戲實況者要注意的地方

[實況] OBS STUDIO 23版本更新 NVENC效能更新-含實測


我CPU i5 6400,GPU GTX970,用夜神/steam/LOL測試,在開始執行程式時CPU會跑到100%,之後跑就降低到75%



Twitch Pushdown in Taiwan

第一次玩Twitch Pushdown效果,這次用Sizmek Ad serving方式從Questionnaire-> Test ->Certification 來回過了100多封技術對接的信,過程很痛苦但滿爽的(Level UP),最重要還是感謝客戶給機會RRRR傳送門(登出狀態愛用Chrome):https://www.twitch.tv/First time using pushdown HPTO ad in Twitch Taiwan, level up#關關難過關關過

Posted by Gaspar Xie on Tuesday, December 26, 2017

第一次玩Twitch Pushdown效果,這次用Sizmek Ad serving方式

  • Questionnaire
  • Test
  • Certification

來回過了100多封技術對接的信,過程很痛苦但滿爽的(Level UP),最重要還是感謝客戶給機會RRRR

First time using pushdown HPTO ad on Twitch Taiwan, level up

在這裡作一個記念 🙂

是否為對抗Youtube的大殺器?Twitch推出Uploads Open beta讓你上傳影音

這天終於來到啦,Twitch推出Uploads Open beta,讓用戶可以直接上傳你後製完的影音,整理有充滿各種衝撞VOD王者Youtube的功能,重點整理如下:

  1. 可以上傳影音,可支援格式
    • MP4 file format only
    • AAC audio
    • h264 codec
    • Up to 10Mbps bitrate
    • Up to 1080p/60FPS
  2. 可以從影音管理員直接下載檔案 (檔案是原始你串流的影音檔)
  3. 上傳的影音不會逾期
  4. 針對上傳影音有另外的VOD分析表(缺少觀看者輪廓比較可惜)
    • 總收看數
    • 總收看分鐘數
    • 平均觀看時間
    • 收看來源地理位置
    • 收看來源平台
    • 收看來源網站
  5. 可自訂縮圖(建議格式為1280×720,Youtube化~)
  6. 影音收看權限
    • 上傳完自動公開
    • 不公開,只有自己能看到
    • 排程時間公開
  7. 影音公開後可以選擇透過email通知你的follower或是同步更新到你的頻道feed
  8. 有簽合作夥伴的實況主,VOD一樣有廣告分潤






  • 觀眾輪廓提供是關鍵(幫助實況主認識自己的觀眾樣貌)
  • 影音版權宣告的功能(針對二次上傳者的處理機制)
  • 廣告拆分的成效功能(cpm/cpv)


Uploads Open Beta: Help shape the future of Uploads on Twitch

Video Upload Guide

TwitchCon 2016 前夕推出全新的頻道介面

是的,在Twitch Con 2016的前夕,也就是本魯睡覺前,被小天使提醒Twitch改版了!!!不囉嗦我們直接進入重點

  1. 重新設計的頻道頂端Navibar:除了標題移到視訊框下方,上方只留帳號名稱,透過像navbar-fixed-top的方式,讓使用者把滾輪移動到下面去看頻道說明頁時,依然可以看到影音數、追隨者、追隨中以及訂閱等功能
  2. 中間佈局調整:當你從實況畫面跳轉到過去直播影音內頁後,可以更快速的回到實況畫面,而不是作整頁的loading和跳轉,讀取速度提昇很多~加分~
  3. 請儘快更換你的頻道上方的cover image,高480px x 寬 1980px,好的頻道圖不是提高你的頻道辦識度,在頻道的列表頁也會看到cover image的縮圖






We just can’t wait another day… Welcome to your new Channel Page

Twitch釋出Auto Host功能,沒實況還可以增10%流量

這標題看起來非常佛心,我個人認為是本季最重要的Twitch功能,以電視台的角度就是半自動排播的功能,基本上對實況經紀公司而言,真的要開始輪班了,9/28教師節(?)Twitch推出新的Auto Host功能,讓Host功能更容易串連台與台作流量的互相拉抬,一次設定終身享用(直銷口吻),如果你有大腿台可以抱(或你就是大腿台),這個時候一定要設定Auto Host啦 !!!


  1. 根據Twitch官方研究、一半以上的實況主在使用Auto Host功能後,贈加10%的收看量(viewship)
  2. 當你沒有開台動作或是下線時,Auto Host就會自動Host你設定實況台進行Host,官方建議是一次至少設定10個頻道,並且確保至少一週有40小時的實況內容
  3. 對HOST的台來說定位非常重要,除了Host海量的大腿台去增加你的頻道收看量外,最重要的是要思考你的實況台調性去作出最好的組合
  4. 對被HOST的台來說,廣告100%拆分 !!! (前提你是Twitch伙伴),又有能見度,所以好好增加自己台的可看性就對了
  5. 別擔心,原來的HOST模式還是可以繼續使用 🙂
  6. 個人意見是搞”輪班制”或許是互相拉抬流量的最佳解,大家覺得呢?



Grow your community with auto hosting

How to Use Host Mode