OBS Studio 24 先不要更新,hotfix及側錄失敗災情出現

今天跳出更新視窗後,下意識更新的同時去forum看看,發現好像在hotfix後還是有災情傳出,有在使用obs studio的朋友請多小心,馬上停止更新,不然動態調整bitrate的功能真的很棒說 來源

24.0.1 Hotfix

  • Browser sources will now have their pre-24.0 audio behavior by default; to use OBS to control the browser source audio, users must now use the “Control Audio via OBS” option in the browser source properties. This change was made as a safety precaution because it changed user configurations compared with how the browser audio used to function, which confused some users.
  • Fixed an issue where certain cameras (particularly C920 cameras) would output with a lot of delay depending on the drivers installed
  • Fixed a crash on startup
  • Fixed a crash that would happen when closing the Mixer chat window

24.0 New Features

  • Added the ability to pause while recording to allow seamless on-the-fly removal of video segments. This can only be used when not sharing an encoder with the stream. [Jim]
  • Added an option to automatically adjust bitrate when congestion occurs to advanced settings, which is an alternative to dropping frames (available in advanced settings). Note that this currently only works with RTMP, and severe congestion may cause increased delay to viewers. [Jim/pkv]
  • Added the ability to select multiple sources on the preview by box selection [Dillon]
  • Added the ability to create custom browser docks in the View -> Docks menu. This allows you to open extra dockable webpages whenever OBS opens [Jim]
  • Browser sources can now have their volume adjusted via the audio mixer, or have filters applied to them. Additionally, you can now change whether the browser source outputs to speakers or to stream only via the audio monitoring settings in advanced audio properties. [Osiris/pkv/Jim]
  • Added a script to pause recording when a specific scene is active [cg2121]
  • Added a “Hotkey Focus Behavior” option to advanced settings, which allows you to set whether hotkeys are disabled depending on whether you have the main window in focus or not [jb-alvarado/Jim]
  • Added an option to general settings to allow users to confirm when clicking the “Stop Recording” button [glikely]
  • Added channels widget for restream.io service integration [SoftwareArchitector]
  • Added the “Area” shader as a downscale shader in video settings [jpark37]
  • Added an “Enable Preview” button to the main window when the preview is disabled [cg2121]
  • Added (or rather fixed) hardware acceleration support for decoding media files when using the media source where applicable [Jim]

24.0 Tweaks/Fixes

  • Updated all dependencies on Windows (such as FFmpeg, x264, CEF) to their latest versions [Jim]
  • Made a number of optimizations and performance improvements [jpark37]
  • Made a number of performance improvements to QSV [brittneysclark]
  • Changed default recording format to mkv instead of flv [WizardCM]
  • Recording now automatically stop if there is less than 50 megabytes left of disk space available [cg2121]
  • Fixed a number of issues with Linux window capture [kkartaltepe]
  • Fixed the tray icon showing up on startup even when it was turned off [Jim]
  • Fixed a bug where encoders could lock up when an encode call fails [Jim]
  • Fixed an issue where projectors would have a gray background rather than a black background [Jim]
  • Fixed a bug where secondary Twitch/Mixer browser panels would stop appearing [Jim]
  • Fixed a freeze that could happen under rare circumstances when shutting down [Jim]
  • If no tracks are selected when recording in advanced output mode, it will now default to the same track being used for streaming [cg2121]


2019年版,身為同上最高人數40人的Twitch實況盟友阿醜,一步步教你操作的playbook,不用怕過不了,只怕你不去申請 🙂

因為工作的關係,很多朋友在問Twitch過了盟友和合作夥伴款項怎麼申請,以及自己怎麼填都出現紅字的錯誤畫面,重者放棄自己拿工資的權利,輕者直接打電話給本魯刷一波 (謎之音:好像是相反吼)


step 2. 選填也要必填
step 3. 五個地址資訊強烈建議要存在記事本
step 4. 看協議
step 5. 填問卷
step 6. 確認稅務資訊
step 7. 這個步驗最重要,強烈建議記事本copy/paste,注意不要有空白,順序要統一
step 8. Tax qqqq
step 9. 再填一次是權限金的問卷
step 10. 再填一次五個地址資訊
step 11. 0% 爽
step 12. 完整了90%了,離新手村不遠了
step 13. 發工資的方式選擇
step 14. 有些朋友會卡這裡,不用怕往下滑就好
step 15. Magic












  • 0056元大台灣高股息基金 (年配息1次)
  • 0050元大卓越50基金 (年配息2次)

每月定期定額投資23個月含息總投報是7.43%,結論如上圖,給大家作參考一下,不過特別一點是單拉0056出來看總投報是9.10%。0050有比較好嗎,目前是看不出來 以上結案


Teaching a man how to fish is better than giving him a fish.

Let’s see How the Twitch Prime sellout(base on blacksmith extension) works, and just remind that start earning money with Amazon Blacksmith, you need An Amazon Associates account. That’s help streamer join the real eco-system.

  • Sign up 註冊帳號
  • Create list 創造推薦清單
  • Earn money 發大財(大誤)

實況主可以拆分的利潤表Payment rate

  • PC products 4%, increased from 2.5%
  • Office Products (including Gaming Chairs within this category) 5%, increased from 4%
  • Luxury Beauty (for him and her) 12%, increased from 10%
  • Physical Video Games 2%, increased from 1%
  • Digital Video Games 10%, instead of 2%

又是到了半夜騙點擊的時間了電商如何和Twitch的擴充功能(Extension)整合?1. Sign up 註冊帳號2. Create list 創造推薦清單3. Earn money 詳細的拆分比請參考全文http://gaspar.info/v2/?p=2067

Posted by Gaspar Xie on Monday, July 15, 2019


Amazon Blacksmith

Associates Program Policies

OBS 版本更新 23.2 New Features/Improvements

除了Darkskin暗色版外,新版本主要改進對MacOS的穩定度(不過作者表示還是有一些browser panels的功能問題XD)以及Blackmagic declink擷取卡的預覽畫面

新版本主要改進對MacOS的穩定度(不過作者表示還是有一些browser panels的功能問題XD)以及Blackmagic declink擷取卡的預覽畫面

  • Made a number of major internal improvements to the macOS browser source, eliminating many mac-related crashes that it would cause when browser sources were in use on macOS. This also fixes the issue of the program having an initial startup delay where the everything appeared blank. (Author note: I managed to get browser panels functioning, but they still have some issues, so service integration is still not yet available on macOS)
  • Added the ability to preview transitions in the properties of a transition via a new Preview button
  • Added an estimate to remaining available recording time according to available disk space
  • Added luma key video effect filter
  • Added the ability to set the exact desired dB volume value of sources in the advanced audio properties, replacing the percentage value
  • Added the ability to center items vertically/horizontally in the transform menus
  • Added a hotkey to toggle the preview
  • Added the ability to output the preview rather than program to a decklink device when in studio mode
  • Added the ability to copy and paste filters to/from scenes in addition to sources
  • Added the ability to manually set the network buffer size to the Media source when used in URL mode
  • Added the top patrons list to the about dialog in the help menu
  • The sources list box in the bottom-center of the main window now displays a message when there are no sources in the current scene, making it easier for first-time users to understand that they need to add sources



霸凌機器人?聊聊假影片Bosstown Dynamics的炒作技巧


想說波士頓動力更新了這波也太重口味…原來是由同樣在Youtube中以cg出名的 Corridor團隊作出假的啦,我在最後fightback有拿出來槍就感覺過了www,下次看到影片還是得先查證一下,不過該不會BostonDynamics也是CG弄出來的啊.

Corridor Crew的幕後說明,很奇妙的一波炒作
  • 嘲諷
  • 技術高牆(motion capture,CG)
  • 幕後分析

Facebook App 更新:遊戲獨立分類往前,影音auto play拿掉

2018年算是Facebook gaming的興起年,2019年Q2開始有一些明顯的改變,20190503的版本最明顯的更動如標題所說

1.影音分類auto play移除
以往FB app裡,只要你滑過影片,就會開始auto play,autoplay三秒算一次收看,這次的更新是除了第一個影片一樣會autoplay,接下來的影音全部變成截圖

這塊應該是今年FB最具企圖心的一次改動,原本的動態牆/更新/影音/個人牆的Navibar,新增了Facebook gaming的選項,這次是非常明顯的大更動

和過去Youtube將遊戲獨立出Youtube gaming app的方式不同,Facebook把遊戲的分類往前帶,可以想見的是除了企圖心外

  • 新的流量紅利,把Facebook GG放和影音同一個重要功能層,用戶獲得通知更容易(理論值上流量應該會大幅度成長)
  • 整合後台管理,更多的編輯權力去讓特別頻道露出
  • 除了個人外,可以理解以將有更多PGC或是esport content會在此區曝光



我每次看到Nox influencer這種平台心中就…不論你是品牌直客還是媒體代理商,在面對Youtube/Twitch/Facebook/IG上面這群妖魔鬼怪…啊不,意見領袖進行工商置入的合作時,不外乎就是進行下面三個流程

  • 尋找SEEK
  • 評估Evaluation
  • 執行Execute

在進行品牌合作時其實最大的變數是在 “價格”,執行者往往不知道現在各平台influencer報價的狀況,以前我會先用socialblade.com這種老字號的資訊網站進行收集(但還是不知道價碼)


很多人會問,到底什麼樣的工商是有效的呢?這塊通常會跟詢價綁在一起,詢價會分為個人工作室/Talent Agency,前者大都是單獨報價單純直接簡單,後者就是公司對公司可應付大規模的工商發案方便但會有Service fee,

  • Youtube:看平均單支影音收看數,報價會以一支影片為標準來報
  • Twitch:最高/平均同上人數,報價會以工商30分鐘-1小時為標準來報
  • Facebook/IG:Fans追隨數,報價會以一篇貼文/影音為標準來報

如果品牌客戶是以Awareness曝光為主,以前我會說直接梭了找最大咖,但現在角色不同以及Influencer跳平台等產業變化我會說用3/3/3法則,找3個平台,最受歡迎的前Tier 1-3各找3位,你會發現新世界

有關Twitch的合作,也請找小弟我,官方合作尊爵不凡 <-本篇唯一工商

有時侯評估的階段會在第一步,客戶或品牌端直接丟一包預算給你,這時就要同步進行尋找和評估,在工商界打滾巳久的老兵自己都有一份合作名單及Deck,如果是新米建議直接找平台端詢問適合的Talent Agency會比較穩,多出Service Fee就當學費了



  • 提供合作需求:貼文格式/圖片過稿/口說稿
  • 執行監控:工商時間
  • 最後驗收:截圖及數據提供

最後小結:一切都是人工的,因為Influencer marketing就是跟人有關,非競價式的行銷合作模式,除非你真真實實的跟這群意見領袖面對面聊過合作過,我都建議不假他人之手,不論你是用純發案是或是透過Nox influencer/KOL Radar這樣服務,方便是一時,作人一是世

至於成效,又是另外一課了~我們下次再見 ^0^ (飛逃)

台北 芝山 香港鳳隆燒臘美食館




來去 Google 地圖上看看這則有關「香港鳳隆燒臘美食館」的評論