Teaching a man how to fish is better than giving him a fish.

Let’s see How the Twitch Prime sellout(base on blacksmith extension) works, and just remind that start earning money with Amazon Blacksmith, you need An Amazon Associates account. That’s help streamer join the real eco-system.

  • Sign up 註冊帳號
  • Create list 創造推薦清單
  • Earn money 發大財(大誤)

實況主可以拆分的利潤表Payment rate

  • PC products 4%, increased from 2.5%
  • Office Products (including Gaming Chairs within this category) 5%, increased from 4%
  • Luxury Beauty (for him and her) 12%, increased from 10%
  • Physical Video Games 2%, increased from 1%
  • Digital Video Games 10%, instead of 2%


Amazon Blacksmith

Associates Program Policies


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