OBS 版本更新 23.2 New Features/Improvements

除了Darkskin暗色版外,新版本主要改進對MacOS的穩定度(不過作者表示還是有一些browser panels的功能問題XD)以及Blackmagic declink擷取卡的預覽畫面

新版本主要改進對MacOS的穩定度(不過作者表示還是有一些browser panels的功能問題XD)以及Blackmagic declink擷取卡的預覽畫面

  • Made a number of major internal improvements to the macOS browser source, eliminating many mac-related crashes that it would cause when browser sources were in use on macOS. This also fixes the issue of the program having an initial startup delay where the everything appeared blank. (Author note: I managed to get browser panels functioning, but they still have some issues, so service integration is still not yet available on macOS)
  • Added the ability to preview transitions in the properties of a transition via a new Preview button
  • Added an estimate to remaining available recording time according to available disk space
  • Added luma key video effect filter
  • Added the ability to set the exact desired dB volume value of sources in the advanced audio properties, replacing the percentage value
  • Added the ability to center items vertically/horizontally in the transform menus
  • Added a hotkey to toggle the preview
  • Added the ability to output the preview rather than program to a decklink device when in studio mode
  • Added the ability to copy and paste filters to/from scenes in addition to sources
  • Added the ability to manually set the network buffer size to the Media source when used in URL mode
  • Added the top patrons list to the about dialog in the help menu
  • The sources list box in the bottom-center of the main window now displays a message when there are no sources in the current scene, making it easier for first-time users to understand that they need to add sources




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