Google AD廣告狀態資訊主頁 DoubleClick Launch Ads Status Dashboard

大概是被客戶唸到不行,Google DoubleClick在本週終於正式隆重推出「廣告狀態資訊主頁」服務,讓廣告主知道廣告服務的系統狀態,也讓廣告代理商能即時知道報表或是操作的狀態說明都是They的錯,不過我想最重要的可以知道Google的廣告服務分類架構,讓我上了一課

  1. 專為廣告客戶設計的 DoubleClick 產品:
    DoubleClick Planning
    DoubleClick Studio
    DoubleClick Campaign Manager
    DoubleClick Ad Exchange (買家)
    DoubleClick 出價管理工具
    DoubleClick 數位行銷報告
    DoubleClick Search
  2. 專為發佈商設計的 DoubleClick 產品:
    DFP 廣告管理系統
    DoubleClick Sales Manager
    DoubleClick Ad Exchange (賣家)
  3. 專為廣告客戶設計的 Adwords廣告產品:
  4. AdMob by Google:


Dear Customer,

One piece of feedback our sales and support teams have heard over the years is that users want to know about urgent issues impacting DoubleClick products as soon as possible.

Accordingly, on February 22, we are launching the Ads Status Dashboard, a new publicly-accessible tool that allows you to learn about major outages or functionality concerns across DoubleClick products, including DoubleClick for Publishers, DoubleClick Ad Exchange and DoubleClick Sales Manager. When a major issue impacting large numbers of users is identified, we will post an outage notice in the appropriate row on the Dashboard, then provide updates to the outage notice at a regular interval until the issue is resolved.

We’re hoping this will allow all of our users to get access to crucial information quickly and without friction — anyone who may be impacted can access the dashboard to check on the status of our products, so bookmark it, share it, and return to it often. We hope it saves you time!

The DoubleClick for Publishers Team

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